County Equipment Assets Prepared for Fire Suppression

Clinton County Emergency Management, Clinton County Road and Bridge, and Plattsburg Fire Protection District have prepared equipment for use by fire protection districts to assist with fire suppression during this period of drought and critical fire danger.

Extreme heat and lack of rainfall have adversely affected the levels of small water bodies in the area. This coupled with rural and municipal water supplies which are struggling to maintain capacity during this high demand period have necessitated the appropriation of non-fire assets to bolster the fire district’s water supplies.

Crews filled a 1200 gallon temporary tanker yesterday morning. An 8600 gallon semi tanker was filled this morning, bringing the total county capacity to 9800 gallons of water. Furthermore, the 1200 gallon tanker is equipped with a pump, line, and nozzle, enabling it to be used for natural cover fire suppression. Both tankers are capable of being filled by hydrants or via a drafting pump from a lake or pond.

Crews elected to fill both tankers with lake water so as not to burden any public water system with additional demand.

These assets will be operated by County Personnel, and are available at the request of any fire protection district.

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