Severe Weather Awareness Week

March 12 through 16 is severe weather awareness week.


Join us tonight in Cameron at Wal-Mart from 6-8 pm for all-hazards radio programming for free. This event is hosted by the City of Cameron Emergency Services, in cooperation with Cameron Newspapers, Regional Radio KKWK/KMRN, and Wal-Mart. Enter a drawing to win one of 8 free all-hazards radios. Severe weather information will also be available to help keep you and your family safe as severe weather approaches.

A statewide tornado drill is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 PM. Municipalities in Clinton County, as well as schools will participate in this drill.  You, your family, and your coworkers are encouraged to practice your response plan.

Severe Weather Warning Information

Do you have a means or reliable severe weather information? Do you depend on outdoor warning sirens to warn you in the event of impending severe weather? Outdoor Warning Sirens are meant for outdoor warning only. This video explains what to do when you hear and outdoor warning siren, and what the limitations of outdoor warning sirens are.

A NOAA all-hazards weather radio provides effective warning in the event of a severe weather event. It is important that your radio be programmed to alert for the county in which you live, and that fresh batteries be kept in the radio, so it will continue to function should power fail.

Further information on NOAA all-hazards radios can be found here:

Severe weather alerts can be sent to your email and mobile for phone for free. Sign up at


What to do in a Tornado

Do you have a plan in case a tornado strikes? Have you practiced your plan?

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