911 Address Signs

911 signs

Emergency Responders in Clinton County, and throughout Northwest Missouri have noted a steady decline in visible address markings of homes, both within cities, and in rural areas. Clearly visible, conspicuous 911 address markings enable emergency responders to quickly locate an address when responding to an emergency.

The Plattsburg Pioneers 4-H Club sells Address Signs as a fundraiser. These signs are a dark Blue or Green background, with white retro-reflective numbers to allow for good visibility at night as well as day. Several options are available.

A plain rectangular blue or green sign is $20. These are available in either horizontal or vertical depending on the desired mounting location. A scalloped blue sign is $21, and is also available in horizontal or vertical configuration.

For those without a fence or mailbox to mount a sign on, a 30 inch pvc guidepost is available for $45.

Scalloped signs and pvc guideposts are special order, and require 4 weeks for delivery. Plane rectangular signs are in stock locally.

To order, contact Becky Black at 816-592-0950 or April Updike at 816-810-2919.


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