Winter Weather Awareness Day

Car_into_ditch_bad_winter_weather_hwy_404_south_near_stouffville_rd_Jan08November 20 is Winter Awareness Weather Day in Missouri.  With winter weather in the forecast this week, it is important to take a few minutes and ensure you and your family are prepared for winter weather. Below, you will find tips and information on how to better prepare yourself for the upcoming winter.

  • Creating a family emergency plan and an emergency kit with bottled water and food that can be prepared without cooking in case of a power outage. Ice storms, and with them, power outages are a frequent occurrence in Missouri. Kits should include bottled water, canned and dry foods, battery-powered radio, flashlights, extra batteries, manual can opener and a first-aid kit.
  • Making sure all heat sources, such as fireplaces, wood stoves and oil heaters function properly. If you have a generator, make sure you have fuel and that your generator functions properly. Only operate generators outdoors.
  • Creating a winter car kit. This includes a blanket, spare radio with batteries, snacks or energy-type food, jumper cables, flares, shovel and sand or shingles to give tires traction.
  • Exercising caution when shoveling snow or pushing a car out of snow banks and avoiding unnecessary travel when driving conditions are poor.
  • Making sure cell phones are charged before driving in foul winter weather and ensuring that important emergency numbers, such as *55 for the Missouri State Highway Patrol, are saved for fast dialing in case of emergencies on state highways.
  • Share Your Travel Plans when winter weather is present. Let a family member or friend know when you are departing, when you expect to arrive, what route you will be taking, and what vehicle you will driving.

It is also important for people to stay current on weather forecasts and to understand key National Weather Service terms:

  • Winter Storm Watch indicates that severe winter weather may affect your area within 12-48 hours.
  • Winter Storm Warning indicates severe winter weather is in the area or expected immediately and can be life threatening.
  • Ice Storm Warnings are issued for ice accumulations of a quarter-inch or more.

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